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The activities to share the results of the project beyond the partnership are part of WP3- Dissemination & Visibility and of WP4-Stakeholders Involvement and will be permanently fine-tuned during the project implementation in due regard for their adjustment to the in-progress results.


Internal and External Dissemination Activities

1 january 2020

The beggining of the UP2B project

APLOAD wellcome all partners and stakeholders to this journey. The communication channels were mail and each partners' website and networks.

13-14 february 2020                           

Kick-off meeting

The meeting was on Porto. 

15 february 2020

Website launch

The pilot version of the UP2B website is disseminated to stakeholders and target groups.


9 Mar 2020

Newspaper dissemination

"Projetos Erasmus+ desenvolvidos com parceiros da Maia".
Read (Portuguese)

Conference "Animar às sextas" [Cheer up on fridays]
[Citizenship and the labour market: a strategic partnership for school motivation] (info)

29 Jan 2021

Kick-off meeting, 13-14 february 2020

Porto, hosted by APLOAD, all partners


Meeting preparation

Meeting information was disseminated on the Drive and also by e-mail. An infokit with practical information was prepared and shared by the project Coordinator. Be-lateral meetings between partners and Coordinator are taking place, when necessary.


The meeting venue

The event will take place on Associação ACREDITAR do Porto,
Rua Académico Futebol Club 364, 4200-602 Porto, Portugal.  


Evidences and Results 

Photos, minutes...

[Cheer up Fridays: Citizenship and the labour market: a strategic partnership for school motivation]

Animar às sextas: A cidadania e o mercado de trabalho: uma parceria estratégica para a motivação escolar

29/January 2021, online


Paulo Santos (Erasmus + Educaton and Training Portuguese National Agency)
José Bronze (APLOAD)  - Project Coordinator

ERASMUS program presentation: pass, present and future
UP2B project presentation


Elsa Branco (Terras Dentro)

Horizontal domains


Rumyana Shalamanova (Know and Can)



Mariana Rodrigues (UPORTO/CIIE)

Quality Education in the 21st century


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