The activities to share the results of the project beyond the partnership are part of WP3- Dissemination & Visibility and of WP4-Stakeholders Involvement and will be permanently fine-tuned during the project implementation in due regard for their adjustment to the in-progress results.


Some Internal and External Dissemination Activities

1 january 2020

The beggining of the UP2B project

APLOAD wellcome all partners and stakeholders to this journey. The communication channels were mail and each partners' website and networks.

13-14 february 2020                           

Kick-off meeting

The meeting was on Porto. 

15 february 2020

Website launch

The pilot version of the UP2B website is disseminated to stakeholders and target groups.


9 Mar 2020

Newspaper dissemination

"Projetos Erasmus+ desenvolvidos com parceiros da Maia".
Read (Portuguese)

Giving information about UP2B during the Social and Economic Cohesion through Vocational and Technical Education

30 Nov 2021

9 Nov 2021


"Crescer para Ser" (Grow up to become) Rita Barros (CIIE/FPCEUP; RECI/IP)

4 nov 2022


UP2B dedicated information has been published in the Magazine "New Ideas New Goals", nº 4, Nov/22. Besides a great contribution by Rita Barros, it also covers our wonderful meeting in Latvia, last October

9 Nov 2022

Multiplier Event FPCEUP - APLOAD

UP2B - Boosting Up School Education towards European Citizenship and Labour Market Inclusion

3 Nov 2022

Project Meeting Riga, Latvia

UP2B Transnational Partnership Meeting took place last week in Riga, Latvia, hosted by Rigas Pardaugavas Pamatskola. It has been a moment of intense sharing, which started with the welcoming of partners by the school's students and teachers!t.

19 Dez 2022

UP2B Final Project Meeting Adana, Turkey

UP2B is almost closing. It has been a 3 years journey of work, overcoming hard barriers but also amusement on behalf of a better School, supporting teachers through dedicated products and an emphasis on cross-cutting domains (soft skills, digital literacy, human rights, environmental concerns, diversity and inclusion).

Kick-off meeting, 13-14 february 2020

Porto, hosted by APLOAD, all partners


Meeting preparation

Meeting information was disseminated on the Drive and also by e-mail. An infokit with practical information was prepared and shared by the project Coordinator. Be-lateral meetings between partners and Coordinator are taking place, when necessary.


The meeting venue

The event will take place on Associação ACREDITAR do Porto,
Rua Académico Futebol Club 364, 4200-602 Porto, Portugal.  


Evidences and Results 

Photos, minutes...


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